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Do you ever wish that there were dress rehearsals in life? Just like in the theatre.

Somewhere you can practice and get everything right before the big performance?

Well, I definitely needed a safe space to practice with my business.

Facebook Live felt all too real. Like a paid speaking engagement where I needed to have everything perfect.

I always want to deliver well prepared and well rehearsed content on my Facebook business page. But it's hard to get feedback on your content and deliver without an audience.

So you may have noticed that for the past few months, I have been very quiet on Facebook.

That's because Periscope came back into my life.

I've been over there rehearsing and now I am ready for the big show!

If you haven't tried Periscope, I highly recommend it.

The immediate feedback and ability to talk directly with the viewers on Periscope is awesome!

Facebook's delay in comments makes it hard to stay in the flow of what you are saying while still having a conversation.

Starting tomorrow, I will be back on Facebook Live!! Delivering all of the amazing content that I have been practicing!

What does this mean for you??

It's the start of a series of lessons about:
– Creating streamlined systems
– Delegating with ease
– and managing overseas teams

These lessons are going to be taking place where you are already spending time…

On Facebook!!

Specifically on The Process Pixie Facebook Page, which you can find here –

Tomorrow's topic is:
The Biggest Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make When it Comes to Outsourcing (and how you can avoid them)
Day: Wednesday, November 8th
Time: 5 am EST, 10 am GMT, 11 am CEST

Sorry to everyone in the US about the early hour. This won't be the normal time for live streams on my Facebook page.

Here's what's coming up, so you can mark your calendar!

Topic: 4 Things to Do Immediately to FINALLY Decide what to Outsource
Day: Friday, November 10th
Time: 2 pm EST, 7 pm GMT, 8 pm CEST

Topic: Amateurs hire but overlook these simple things
Day: Tuesday, November 14th
Time: 8 am EST, 1 pm GMT, 2 pm CEST

Topic: The Slacker's Guide to Creating Processes
Day: Thursday, November 16th
Time: 8 am EST, 1 pm GMT, 2 pm CEST

If there are any questions you would like me to answer or topics you would like me to cover type a comment below or send me an email at,

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