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You’ve heard about the benefits of batch creating your social media content and blog posts. But you aren’t doing it. Or you aren’t doing it consistently.


Because you want to be spontaneous and only deliver content that your audience wants in the moment.

That’s fine if you have inspiration hit you every day.

And you are always able to act on that inspiration and create content immediately.

That happens to you, right!?

No worries. That doesn’t happen to me either.

Here’s how automating/scheduling your content can fix this…

When inspiration strikes you, create ALL of the content right then.

If inspiration strikes you at an inconvenient time, which it normally does, then

  • Record a voice memo
  • Write down as much as you can
  • Make a video for yourself

Get the information out of your head any way that you can!

Then block out the time to create all of the content.

And actually do it!

Once the content is created, then schedule the content using a social media scheduling tool. For example:

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Post Planner
  • CoSchedule

What does this look like in real life?

You’re out at the grocery store doing the weekly shopping. In the fruit and vegetable section you get the inspiration to do a series of posts based on the colors of the rainbow.

Because you are a brand strategist, the posts will be about what emotions different colors evoke in your potential customers.

Since you are in the grocery store and can’t get to work creating immediately, you record a voice memo walking through all of the details.

Later, when you have time to sit at the computer, you create all of the social media posts, combining eye catching pictures and short descriptions of the emotions that the color evokes.

All of these posts are summarized in a blog post titled “How to choose the brand colors that will capture your ideal client’s attention.”

The blog post is scheduled within WordPress to publish the next Monday.

You log in to Buffer and schedule the graphic about the color red to publish on Monday, right after the blog goes live. The orange graphic is scheduled for Tuesday, and so on through the full rainbow.


Your content is out in the world. People are seeing it. People are sharing it 😀

And you are free to act on the next spark of inspiration that hits you.

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